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About Us

A Link Between Untapped Supply and Industry Demand

MRSW Management was established in 1998 to bridge the gap of underutilized groups and the need for skilled labors in private and public sectors. From an initial focus on providing talent to the  information  technology  industry  in  one  of  the  nation’s  largest  tech  hubs,  to  developing workers in the heart of America’s petrochemical industry, MRSW has been successful by being results driven and delivering on performance.


Our core values are developing human capital and empowering residents to enter careers that lead to craft certification status.  Our team believes that workforce development is a comprehensive approach to ensuring that industries have qualified, skilled labor in adequate supply. MRSW Management has trained over 100,000 people with the goal of not just learning a skill, but to use those skills to execute at high-levels, thus exceeding the expectations of our valued customers.

Mission Statement

MRSW Management’s mission is to increase the number of trained personnel by assisting with job placement and mentoring of the underrepresented segment of society by impacting their lives with the intention of becoming positive assets in their communities and job markets.

Core Values

Authority, Compassion, Fairness, Service, and Respect.