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Digital Workforce Academy (DWA) is a registered 5013c and provides technology-based self-sufficiency services for the MRSW family of brands. DWA understands the value of building a strong foundation through individual commitment to learning and personal enrichment. DWA teaches an in-depth curriculum focusing on topics such as A+ Hardware/Software/Net+, telecommunication and transferrable skills through training modules benefiting career opportunities within the IT industry.  DWA continues to empower individuals to gain in- demand skills to acquire successful employment to become home owners to ultimately revitalize communities by creating wholesome, thriving neighborhoods to be proud to live in. The goal of DWA is to provide a perfect blueprint, in which this program can be implemented in other communities around the world to enhance the socioeconomic status of the underrepresented demographic by ending the reoccurring cycle of poverty by promoting self-sufficiency and self-advocacy. DWA is the holder of the national accredited certifications and continues to advance its core principles of community, economic, and human development by partnering directly with GTEC within Southwest Texas and Southeast Louisiana.