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Our Impact

With over 23 years of leadership, practical ‘boots-on-the-ground’ experience, and grassroots achievements in workforce development in the most challenged Texas communities, we’ve trained over 5,000 people and provided successful job placement assistance to over 70% with an 80% retention rate for our graduate hires.


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A Link Between Untapped Supply And Industry Demand

MRSW Management was established in 1998 to bridge the gap of underutilized groups and the need for skilled labors in private and public sectors. From an initial focus on providing talent to the information technology industry in one of the nation’s largest tech hubs, to assisting employers in the petrochemical industry and then beyond into helping all employers develop their workforces. 

Client Sectors

MRSW Management registered apprenticeship has developed alliances with employers and training providers including community based organizations, vocational colleges, and trade associations to reach all targeted demographics within the sphere of workforce fulfillment.

We simultaneously provide our customers, consumers and partners with impactful human development services through effective workforce development services. We currently provide our apprenticeship intermediary services in the following industries: Construction, Petrochemical, Maritime, Disaster Recovery, Hospitality, Information Technology.

Our clients include corporate, government, educational and non-profit organizations. Consequently, our ability to be a link between supply and demand gaps places MRSW Management in a unique space.

Managing Resources and Services in the Workplace (MRSW)

MRSW: Managing Resources and Services in the Workplace is a supplemental labor provider of human capital in the construction, petrochemical, maritime, hospitality, information technology and disaster recovery industries.

MRSW is a US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP). It is an open shop that
can provide requirements for projects with Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

MRSW’s affiliate Digital Workforce Academy (DWA) is a US Department of Labor pre-apprenticeship accredited National Center for Construction and Education Research (NCCER) provider. DWA can be a pipeline organization for projects to develop customized curriculum for over 70 crafts and trades to meet the employers labor force skill gap and also can provide NCCER and OSHA-10 certification exams.

Pre-apprenticeship trainee hours can be transferred to the RAP.

Digital Workforce Academy (DWA)

Digital Workforce Academy (DWA) is a registered 5013c and provides technology-based self-sufficiency services for the MRSW family of brands. DWA understands the value of building a strong foundation through individual commitment to learning and personal enrichment.

DWA teaches an in-depth curriculum focusing on topics such as A+ Hardware/Software/Net+, telecommunication and transferrable skills through training modules benefiting career opportunities within the IT industry. DWA continues to empower individuals to gain in- demand skills to acquire successful employment to become home owners to ultimately revitalize communities by creating wholesome, thriving neighborhoods to be proud to live in.

The goal of DWA is to provide a perfect blueprint, in which this program can be implemented in other communities around the world to enhance the socioeconomic status of the underrepresented demographic by ending the reoccurring cycle of poverty by promoting self-sufficiency and self-advocacy. DWA is the holder of the national accredited certifications and continues to advance its core principles of community, economic, and human development by partnering directly with GTEC within Southwest Texas and Southeast Louisiana.

Golden Triangle Empowerment Center (GTEC)

GTEC: Golden Triangle Empowerment Center(s) provide innovative workforce training resources for in-demand industries in southeast Texas. With two locations in Jefferson County, GTEC is strategically aligned to help the MRSW Management service units and partners meet SETX talent needs for private and public-sector occupations.

DWA created the Golden Triangle Empowerment Center to tap into underutilized talent starting from within Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana to help meet the needs of employers and then spreading nationally and around the world.

Where we started

Since 1998, our core mission has been to provide vocational and life skills training and job placement for unemployed and underemployed individuals living in the underserved communities. We have worked with technology, industrial EPC contractors and maintenance contractors, securing jobs including: pipefitter helper, electrical helper, ironworker helper, carpenter helper, boilermaker helper, insulators, scaffold builders, and others.


In 1998, we started our first program in East Austin in the technology industries with Oracle, Microsoft, Lucent and Cisco.


In 2007, Melvin White gathers a team with a mission to uplift local underserved communities by providing Pre-Apprenticeship training to fill Industry local commitments. We work with our partners to customize training in their industry to meet their particular labor force needs.


We receive grants to bring our systems and methodology to underserved communities world-wide and help them also establish strategic partnerships locally. 

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